Vodafone 3G Tweaked Trick High Speed 3G On 2G Packs 2016

Discussion in 'Internet Tricks' started by Ranga, Jun 17, 2016.

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    Yeah Vodafone 3G Trick is here, As the title says Now you can get 3g high speed internet trick on 2g Pack get high speed 3g internet on 2g pack yes i know even 2g packs are not cheap now days but what if we compare 3g packs with 2g plans[​IMG]


    Now lets come to the main topic below is the tweak for : Vodafone 3G Tweaked Trick [High Speed 3G On 2G Packs]
    • You need to Recharge with any 2g internet pack 3g enable number and after successfully data credited [when you got data activation message on inbox].
    • Select data network mode to 2g/3g mode or first do 3g mode and then set as 2g/3g auto mode.
    • You will get 3g speed.
    • I have activated Rs 35 150 mb/7days.
    • Confirmed in delhi with delhi sim.

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