The best games to show off your new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus

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    So you've picked up a new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, and you want to see how well it runs. There's no better benchmark than a high-performance game, and we have some of the very best iOS has to offer right here. Though it will be awhile until a fresh breed of games really takes advantage of the new possibilities of 3D Touch, older games without any notion of pressure sensitivity are still a ton of fun and run butter smooth on the upgraded processor.

    1. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

    Geometry Wars 3 is a fast-paced twin-stick shooter where you're trying to rack up a high score while trying to evade nigh-endless waves of bad guys. Don't let the simple wireframe graphics scheme fool you. The lighting effects and warps are absolutely stunning, and the smooth, mind-bending animation will keep you entranced as you play. For those that are a bit more laid back, an auto-fire mechanism is in place so you can cruise around and let your guns fire on their own accord. That way you can focus on not getting hit, and strategically using power-ups.

    2. AG Drive

    AG Drive is one of the few games that are actually making use of 3D Touch so far (though we expect plenty more down the line). It's whiteknuckled racing title that defies physics in a far future setting. Speed your way around a magnetic track in a variety of play modes, including duel, time trial, elimination, and cup. Boosts and power-ups are littered throughout to help you clinch the lead, and as you climb the ranks, you can buy new vehicles with their own particular traits. If you're looking for eye candy, this is it.

    3. Implosion: Never Lose Hope

    Implosion is an intense sci-fi action RPG. You get to hop into a manga-style mech and unleash a range of weaponry on some seriously ugly aliens. Upgrade your systems as you progress, and explore a deep and involved single-player storyline. Overall, Implosion is a gorgeous hack-and-slash action title you'll really want to try out.

    4. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

    Modern Combat 5 is the best first-person shooter available on iPhone. First, you run and gun through a wealth of single-player missions to level up multiple classes and unlock weapon attachments. Then you can drop into multiplayer with a new Squad system so you can team up with buddies for limited-time events. As icing on the brutal cake of explosions and bullets, there's Apple Watch integration so you can keep tabs on your mission as you play, and MFi controller support for those that want to get really serious.

    5. Monument Valley

    Monument Valley is, bar none, the most beautiful puzzle game to hit iPhone in ages. Guide Ida the princess through a series of Escher-style mazes to find forgiveness for a mysterious past transgression. Every level adds a little bit to the surreal and heartwarming story. The elegant controls allow you to interact with some truly impossible architecture in a way that few games have been able to replicate.

    6. Your favorite games for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus?

    There's a wide world of games available for the newest iPhones, so drop a link in the comments and share your favorites.:cool::cool:

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