Hon3y HD Premium Account 2016

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    Hon3y HD Premium Account 2016

    This site is unlike the others, there they have quality torrents. They want people to share torrents and not use this site as “hit and run”, You need to maintain your ratio, minimum is 1:1, if it’s lower than that, you will be warning’s and opportunities to fix it. Using Paypal or send an email to Hon3y, who will direct you. Please note, that there are many costs associated with this and any contribution to share these costs/expenses, are greatly appreciated.When you let others download from you, remember “Sharing to Caring”. You have downloaded from someone, so give someone else that opportunity that was given to you.You get 1 bonus point per hour per torrent, e.g. if you seed 5 torrents, you will get 5 points an hour, so in 24 hours, you will have 120 bonus points. You need a minimum of 250 bonus points to exchange for a 4GB Upload credit = 500 bonus points gets you 8 Gb Upload Credit = 999 bonus points gets you 16 Gb Upload Credit Caps allowed in moderation NO OUTSIDE LINK , No Bullying, No Swearing No Spoiling No harassing other users No flooding or spamming No posting of private contact information No impersonating other members Racism of any type not allowed


    Note: After 5 click you will see the premium account
    Enter the binbox password is (DDzNre0T)

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