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    3g 4g free unlimited vpn trick for May 2016 Open posted for all users . We have decided that we will be sharing free airtel 3g 4g vpn tricks based on TCP and we will be updating this on weekly basis.

    As far we have already shared free airtel 3g 4g unlimited internet for May 2016 which is working directly for all , yet some of the users are asking for more free internet tricks which don’t cost much their pocket money so we have thinked of the evergreen free unlimited internet trick for airtel based on free tcp open posted working for sure here in Delhi and we have added proof too for you all.

    This Airtel 3g 4g free unlimited vpn tricks don’t cost anything but you need to have a small internet pack to boost your free internet speed upto around 700 KBps as Tcp vpn tricks don’t provides much internet connection due to Peer to Peer connection .

    Well go ahead garb free unlimited internet trick for Airtel 3g 4g if you don’t have any trick as now , airtel 3g 4g vpn trick based on Tcp posts has some limitations of free data usage so if you are a normal data userwho can manage internet data usage upto 400 MB – 500 MB then this is a best alternative for you . More you know how to manage and use airtel 3g 4g free unlimited tricks based on vpn connection

    Previously we have share tricks with you all which includes all the major operators trick and being updated on regular basis , some of the tricks which we have shares with you which mainly includes these popular tricks as follows


    Requirement For this AirTel 3G 4G Vpn Free Unlimited Internet Trick

    1. AirTel 3GEnabled Sim card or Activate just by dailing *121# or recharge with small 3g pack as per your circle.
    2. Maintain main balance of Rs. 0 , If you can maintain Data Pack its well and good
    3. Speed Up to 700 – 800+ KBps constant
    How To use this AirTel 3G Vpn Free Unlimited Internet Trick
    For Mobile users:

    Android mobile use can also use these AirTel 3G free internet Trick configs with their android devices just you need to follow these simple steps :

    1. Downloadand extract config in SD card.
    2. Go to Google Play StoreSearch for open vpn for android. Or Click Here
    3. InstallOpen Vpn in you android device.
    4. Add Airtel 3G Vpn Config to open Vpn folder.
    5. Simply Run and Enjoy
    For PC Users:

    1. Download The Attachment of AirTel 3G free internet Trick.
    2. Install Nmdvpn and Put configs Here (C:program FilesNMDVPNconfig) Click Here to Download Nmdvpn
    3. Windows 7and Windows 8 Users RUN NMD VPN as the Administrator.
    4. Just Connect and Enjoy.
    We have added Some FAQ { Frequently asked questions } Airtel 3g 4g Unlimited Tricks :

    1. Is this a limited Tricks ?
    Yes it has a basic limited of free data page restricted by airtel .

    1. What is the Limit for this free unlimited airtel 3g 4g trick ?
    Well Airtel 3g 4g Vpn tricks has a limit of around 400 -500 MB of data.

    1. Will be Sim Block ( No internet acces ) ?
    Yes it will block your airtel 3g 4g sim card only restricted for a week or two.

    1. How to Unblock Airtel 3g 4g sim card ?
    Leave it as it is for a week or contact Customer care or you can also try recharging small 3g pack for one day or 3 days.

    If you are having any query related to this or need any kind of help related to free internet trick free free to drop your query / questions below we are here to help you out as much we can and as far as it if possible for us.

    Lastly Enjoy Airtel 3g 4g Free Internet trick Open Post J See you In next post . Best wishes : Are you Enjoying Hot Summer days ? Well M not [​IMG] Thanks [​IMG]


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